Top Freelancing Sites To Make Money Online In 2018

As I have already told this in my previous post, one of the Best Ways to Make Money Online is Freelancing sites. Basically, a freelancer is a person who provides professional service to the businesses and clients.  Freelancers are basically considered and the most beautiful thing about being a freelancer is you can choose your projects on which you want to work.  Being a freelancer, you can work according to yourself, without being tied to any company or place.

Just imagine a situation; you have a passion for traveling. But from many years you are working from 9 to 5 regularly hoping that one day you would be able to make some money and then leave for a trip to somewhere in the world. You would never be able to make that. The need for money and responsibilities can never have an end.

Let me tell you, I work as a Full-time freelancer and I would not boast that I earn lakhs of rupees every month. I earn a very decent income of about 50,000 Rupees per month. I am never worried about any boss and any job. Even If I have any plans with my friends, I always travel along with them. I don’t need to stick to a place and work. Whenever I want to travel, I carry my stuff and then leave to a place where I can relax and then I can continue my work over there.

If you really think that, Being self-employed or a Freelancer is a big risk as compared to being a regular working employee for some organization. Then you are totally wrong my friend. Even the regular jobs that we do under organizations are not secure as well.

Always remember this thing “If you have really good skills and you are confident about them, You will never be unemployed “

So always focus on improvisation of your skills. Be one step ahead of others.  At the end of this post, I will tell you how I am earning money with Freelancing sites.

Make Money Online With Freelancing Sites

Before getting into the list, Let me tell you a bitter truth if you think that you just need to register on following sites and talk to a client and you are rewarded with a project with a lot of money.

You can leave without reading further because I am not here to tell you how to get rich in no time.

Once again I would tell you that you need to have a lot of patience if you want to achieve something. You need to work on your skills every day. Forget about money, fame, and everything.

Get up and Start working on yourself

So, here we go:

1. Upwork

Elance and oDesk, two popular freelancing platforms collaborated and in result they created Upwork. One of the world’s best and largest freelancing platforms.  The best thing about Upwork is that there is an availability of work for everyone. If you are a developer, designer or marketer you will easily get a ton of jobs on the platform. Even if you don’t have any technical skills, Upwork still have something for you.  Even if you have basic skills like Microsoft office, you can apply to data entry jobs and you can apply as a Virtual assistant even and make a good amount of money.

Best Freelancing Sites 2018- Upwork

There are some important things you need to take care while applying for upwork. I will surely discuss how to create a good profile in my coming posts. You just need to figure out your best skills. Even I worked on my profile and skills while applying to upwork. I got my first job as Social Media Strategist and Consultant. I was getting $8.50(Around 480 Rupees) for an hour and I completed that job in 5 hours and got around $40 (2400 Rupees) in just a single project.

One another plus point about Upwork is their Payment Protection. They ensure that you will get paid for all your work successfully completed on their platform. So there are very fewer chances of any kind of disputes regarding the payments between the client and freelancer.

It’s really important to work upon your skills if you want to be a successful freelancer even.

2. Guru

The second platform which I would recommend is Guru. It is another platform with a high count of clients and freelancers. The platform offers various jobs in almost every sector including Programming, Development, Designing & Arts, Writing, Marketing, Admins, Engineering, Business & Finance and Lawyers and a lot more. The platform works similar to Upwork, You need to sign up for an account, fill the necessary details and get started.

Best Freelancing Sites 2018

Guru also uses its SafePay system to allocate funds and payments to the freelancers ensuring satisfaction from both the ends. If you already have any technical skill, Sign up and start making money.

What You’re Waiting For?

3. Freelancer

One of the oldest and popular freelancing platforms. Back in 2009, Freelancer came into existence and quickly entered in the category of hottest platforms to work on. Just like Upwork and Guru, the platform offers numerous services to their clients including Web design & Development, Writing, Graphic Design, Logo Design, Analytics & Marketing, data entry and many more.

Best Freelancing Sites 2018_Freelancer

Whether you are a new one to platform or an experienced one, You will easily get jobs matching to your own profile. As same as other platforms you can sign up easily and start working on your project based on your expertise.

4. PeoplePerHour

PeoplePerHour or PPH is a unique platform for a freelancer who can set their own pricing on the hourly basis. PPH completely changed the process of hiring freelancers.  You can set your price on the hourly basis, so basically, the control of pricing comes to the freelancers.

Best Freelancing Sites 2018_PPH

This platform is best for the clients who do not wish to involve in the bidding process. Basically, the clients have two options- they can choose professionals who are having fixed rates and higher them as per their availability or just like other freelancing platforms they can post a job and let the freelancers bid on it.

You can also list the services that you can provide to your client on a one-hour basis. That’s called “Hourly”. Suppose you can offer a logo in an hour with a fixed price of 10$ or You can provide 50 do follow links for 20$.

So overall it’s a good platform for both the client and professional.

5. Fiver

Now comes the best part of this post.  For some clients, posting a job and then hire a freelancer on hourly basis becomes expensive.  So they try to get the small things and tasks done at cheaper rates. So, here comes Fiver. A marketplace for all professionals and clients.

Best Freelancing Sites 2018_Fiver

As the name indicates, Fiver started as a platform where every gig was set at a cost of only 5$. You can sign up as a client or you can sell your services on Fiver. With time, it has grown so much that now you would see projects ranging from 5$ to 1000$. But the main factor of Fiver has not been changed. You can easily get a lot of work done in 5$ only. If you want a logo, banner, links you can easily get them at 5$.

Best Freelancing Sites 2018_Fiver1


So if you are good at something like Logo designing, just start your Gig and show come exclusive portfolio of yours and automatically you will get work from clients. So if you have a team and you design a minimum of 5 logos/day, you will easily earn 25$ (1500/day) and you can calculate how much you can earn monthly.

You can easily start working on working with above sites; all you need is a Strategy and Skills.

There’s No Better Time To Start Working Towards Your Dreams Than RIGHT NOW

So think deeply and make a work plan that how would you get started with these sites. I don’t boast about my income as I have already told you. Nor I am sharing a list of huge platforms. These are the platforms on which I am working and earning. In upcoming posts, I would definitely share how to create profiles which will help you in winning clients.

If you have any kind of Questions for me, you can drop those in comments and I will reply to those queries.

Good Luck and See You Guys Soon!!!

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