About Digital Rascals

You might be wondering that why we have considered our marketing agency name as Digital Rascals

A lot of people have asked me this question and sometimes it has been a topic of fun in my group of people. But I know why I have given this name to my marketing agency. This always reminds me of my journey from being a spoiled kid to an Entrepreneur.

My name is Rahul Mani. I am a Digital Marketer, Consultant, Freelancer and now a blogger. I have been working with some successful industry experts and gained good amount of  experience from them. Finally, I decided to start my own marketing agency and also help other students like me who are struggling to learn Digital Marketing.

I would not be able to discuss my whole journey of Entrepreneurship in a single page. But I would tell you guys the most important moments of my life and How I changed my self. I will definitely publish my whole journey in future so that I can motivate someone who are in same situation like I was. 

  • I was born in Chandigarh. My life has never been easy from childhood. I have seen my parents working hard for me.
  • I have always been an average student as I never liked the school. Reluctantly I passed my matriculation.
  • My parents forced me to for Engineering, So I got enrolled for Diploma in Electronics ( obtained 58% marks only)
  • Though Engineering was never my cup of tea yet I went for Bachelor’s as well.  
  • I was never confident in anything and I was also told by everyone that I can’t achieve anything in life.
  •  Somehow my engineering ended and I was still confused for my career. I was not happy with myself.
  • I was just interested in Business and Marketing. To convince my parents for career like marketing was difficult for me.

Finally, I decided to change myself and the main journey begins.

So, as i told that I was interested in Business and Marketing. I convinced my parents and ensured them that I would work hard and get a good job if they allow me to go for Digital Marketing. They trusted me and agreed to whatever I said. Now the important thing was to find a Digital Marketing School or Institute. 

I started my research and found many Marketing Schools on the Internet. The main issue was their fee structures

Digital Marketing Course – 50,000 Rupees ( Really a big amount ) 

I came across a Institute in Gandhinagar, Gujrat. I was impressed by their classroom pictures and their promotions. I called them up and got all the details and decided to shift to another city. When I went to their address, I just saw an institute in only one room. All the pictures they displayed was of seminars. I was ensured that the content and course structure is best and would be taught by their Industry Expert. 

So, I started attending their lectures and completed their entire course and by the way I opted for Basic Digital Marketing Course ( Rs. 20,000) and there was another Advance Analytics Course as well (Rs. 50,000). I just had their basic course and after completing their course, I was just having basic knowledge of SEO and some of Social media that can be easily obtained with Free course available online. 

I contacted them again by saying I am not satisfied by their course and they did not cared at all as I already paid the course fees

Result: Sleepless Nights and Overthinking

  • I spent so much of money and learned nothing. 
  • How would I fulfill my parent’s dreams.
  • What should I do now.
  • Should I change my field.
  • The knowledge I had was not enough to go for corporate job. 
  • Should I Quit.
  • How would I achieve my goals

I can’t quit. 

Fast Forward >> 3 Years of Hard Work

Today, I am founder of Digital Rascals. A marketing agency who provides Best Digital Marketing Services and Education. After loosing everything, I decided to learn everything by my own and with the hard work, I started a marketing agency who’s main agenda is to eliminate these money making machines who are playing with the career’s of young generation. Along with that I work as consultant where I provide Best Marketing Solutions suitable for my clients.

My Goal

“One Of The Best Digital Marketer’s In The World”

I am being very honest, I want to be in the list of Top Digital Marketer’s of the World and I am working hard to achieve my dream. I am sure one day i would definitely be there. Also I want to take my agency at a level where i can help student’s in Learning Digital Marketing effectively.

I was considered a kind of Rascal and told that I could not achieve anything in my life. Now I want to create a community of Digital Marketer’s who are crazy enough to get the desired results at any cost. 

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